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Open Mineral is a digitally native commodities trading house, built by a team of industry professionals, to revolutionise physical commodity trade. We harness data, digital tooling, connections and analytics to efficiently and profitability trade commodities.
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Being a game changer at Open Mineral means taking on responsibility right from the start, driving execution and bringing fresh ideas to life.
  • Nurkhan Aktayev
    Senior Traffic Operator - Abu Dhabi
    Working at Open Mineral has been an incredible experience for me, largely due to the multicultural and highly professional team of talented individuals that make up the company. I firmly believe that the people here are the company's greatest asset. In fact, if you ever have any questions related to logistics, trading, hedging, trade financing, reporting etc., there are always knowledgeable colleagues available to guide you.

    Another aspect that I greatly appreciate is the passion and ambition of the senior team. It is inspiring to see their vision for the company's future, and it is thrilling to be a part of it.

    That being said, it is important to note that working in the fast-paced world of metal commodity trading and operations comes with its own set of challenges. Each transaction is unique and requires a tailored solution, which keeps things exciting and constantly presents opportunities for growth and learning.

  • Elizaveta Yakubets
    Battery Metals Trader - Abu Dhabi
    Since starting my exciting journey at Open Mineral, I've witnessed and been part of its fascinating growth from talent to product mix expansion. I believe that that this is possible due to the efforts of the senior team to build a culture surrounding trust, empowerment, and inspiring great ideas. This, in turn, enabled my creativity to manifest great initiatives along the way. Open Mineral values uniqueness and pursuing a passion for innovation.

    Working in Business Development, I've grown to love the fast-paced environment that involves highly challenging aspects of the job, and constant communication among the team and counterparties. As a result, it has driven my resilience and enhanced my problem-solving skills. I appreciate the opportunity to operate on an international scale and have a real impact in the markets.

    I believe that the key driver to success and unity within the team is the opportunity to make a difference and a result-driven environment. I am excited to see what comes next for Open Mineral.
Experience working in a diverse, and multi-cultural environment that encourages inclusivity and distinction.
Be part of a fast-paced setting and gain a competitive edge with an international exposure to advance your career.
A wide range of functions within the business areas of Operations, Commercial, Corporate, Research, and IT.
30+ Nationalities
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