Marketing as a service

Marketing as a service

Running concentrate marketing operations efficiently is not an easy task – commercial miscalculations and operational challenges often have serious negative effects.

Open Mineral’s experienced team helps market your raw materials and coordinate contract execution on a fully transparent basis. You could focus on your core business while we do all the operational leg work.

You can outsource to us full range of services. Be it running a tender, finding the best financing or freight options, optimizing WSMD and assaying operations, or hedging the price, our professional team can do it for you in a transparent and efficient manner.


Open Mineral team helps its client find the best freight solutions, from negotiating charter and voyage terms in contracts to vetting of vessels, arranging warehousing, and managing operations at loading/discharge ports.

Trade Financing

Open Mineral’s global network of financiers and banks provide our clients with optimum trade financing solutions.

Surveying and assaying

Quality control is critical in the concentrate industry. Leveraging our extensive network of trusted independent surveyors and laboratories, coupled with our experience in WSMD and assaying processes, we ensure that our clients’ quality control process is set up in the best way.


Open Mineral provides clients with competitive insurance policies for their cargoes. We help you negotiate a tailored insurance solution with an optimal price/performance.

Price hedging

Open Mineral could help its clients to deal with metal price risk management and offer price hedging solutions.


Open Mineral offers a wide range of consulting services, ranging from optimizing material handling at the mine, warehouse, or port, to ensuring the accuracy of weighting, sampling and assaying operations, and so on.