Trade Execution

Trade Execution

Why operate outside of your core business? Open Mineral’s experienced team will market your concentrates and coordinate physical execution on a fully transparent basis, allowing you to stay in control whilst we do all the leg work.

Open Mineral’s highly experienced freight team and strong industry connections provide our clients with access to competitive freight rates and up to date freight market insight. Working exclusively to protect our clients’ interests, we have devised a robust charter party and voyage terms favourable to our clients. Additional services include, vetting of proposed vessels for suitability and safety; negotiation and procurement of stevedoring contracts; negotiation and procurement of warehousing facilities at loading/discharging ports and so on.

Trade Financing

Open Mineral’s global network of financiers and banks provide our clients with optimum trade financing solutions.

Surveying and Assaying

Open Mineral understands the critical importance of correct weight and quality control. Leveraging our extensive network of trusted independent assaying organisations, coupled with our own broad experience, we ensure that our clients’ quality control processes use the latest, fairest and most product relevant assaying services.

Cargo Insurance

Open Mineral provides clients with competitive insurance policies for their cargoes. We help you negotiate a tailored insurance solution with an optimal price/performance.

Price Insurance

Open Mineral’s price insurance provides commodity price risk management whilst eliminating many of the complications associated with hedging. Clients are therefore able to protect their margins against price volatility in a simple yet efficient manner.

 Consulting Services

Open Mineral’s experienced team can conduct diagnostics for your entire commercial and logistics chain – from initial production of each lot to receipt of final payment  – subsequently identifying optimization opportunities. We map your processes and evaluate the optimal solution for increasing operational control and mitigating losses. Our scope of expertise covers optimal material handling be it at mine, warehouse, loadport or discharge port. We will ensure accuracy of w/s/m-d by evaluating granulometry, double coloration, moisture, number of increments taken, safe-keeping  and so on. For more information contact us at: